Practice area(s): Abuse law
Location(s): Perth
Qualification(s): LLB

Keziah Holdsworth is an Abuse Lawyer based at Maurice Blackburn’s Perth office. Keziah takes a professional and empathetic approach to her clients’ needs with a view to achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients. 

“I am a mother and a child sexual abuse lawyer. I am fiercely protective of my children and always want the best for them. I will never understand how anyone could harm a child so as a lawyer, I am passionate about making a difference to my clients’ lives by helping them get recognition, acknowledgement and compensation for the abuse and injustice committed against them.”

Keziah is continually inspired by the resilience and strength of her clients, which she finds inspiring. This drives her to work harder to ensure that she achieves the best possible outcomes for them to make a difference to the otherwise terrible injustices they have endured.  


  • Law Society
  • Australian Law Association
  • AILA
  • Hygge