Practice area(s): Asbestos diseases
Location(s): Melbourne, Perth, Hamilton Hill
Qualification(s): BA, LLB

Colleen Bolger is an asbestos and dust diseases Senior Associate based in Maurice Blackburn’s Melbourne office. Due to the nature of her work, Colleen also travels to clients in Western Australia and other locations as required. 

Colleen holds Bachelor degrees in Arts and Law from Monash University. She joined Maurice Blackburn in 2012 and was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 2013. Colleen is very passionate about the people she represents. Her practice consists of a variety of common law, seafarer's, Comcare and other claims for people who have contracted mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, asbestosis, or other dust-related diseases.

“I studied law in order to fight battles on behalf of ordinary people. The use of asbestos in Australia, decades after the knowledge of its dangers were known to government and industry, is one of the biggest corporate crimes in Australian history. I strongly believe that people affected deserve redress,” says Colleen.

“It is a privilege to be trusted by people to help them navigate the legal process at a time of upheaval in their lives.”

Unfortunately, there is no cure for these diseases.

“My clients are people who have worked hard all their lives and are robbed of enjoying their retirement because of their diagnosis with an asbestos-related disease.

"I act as quickly as possible to ensure that my clients have the benefit of their compensation in their lifetime and know that their family will not be burdened with continuing the claim after they have passed on. Often they leave behind families that miss them terribly. I am honoured to fight for them."

Accreditations & memberships

  • Law Institute of Victoria member