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Maurice Blackburn’s employment lawyers have a proven track record in providing advice and representation on a wide range of complex legal issues, from navigating workplace investigations, negotiating the terms of employment contracts and recovering bonus payments. That’s because our employment law division is recognised nationally as Australia’s leading employment law practice for employees.


2016 was also the year that an unprecedented number of wage fraud scandals were exposed

Josh Bornstein

How the #MeToo movement put workplace bullying in the crosshairsssss

The #MeToo movement could soon spill over into the even bigger issue of workplace bullying.

Josh Bornstein

The new ways workplaces are responding to sexual harassment & the work that still needs to be done

The fight to end sexual harassment in workplaces is far from over, but the #MeToo movement has kickstarted change.

Mia Pantechis
Men's mental health at work

Protecting men's mental health in the workplace

As employment lawyers, we all too often see people who have been pushed to the brink of their mental health at work.

Emily Creak

As someone who reads employment contracts every day, one thing I can guarantee is that all contracts are not created equal.

Emily Creak

Tips for negotiating a better employment contract

If I said that less than one percent of employees negotiate their contracts, would you be surprised?

Mia Pantechis

Surveillance in the workplace

Employees should be mindful that they may be being monitored, and seek legal advice if you think your privacy is being violated.

Emily Creak

Changes to Long Service Leave in Victoria

The new Long Service Leave laws are a huge win for women, parents and carers across Victoria.

Jillian Barrett

Your rights as a new mother

Some mums want to go straight back to full-time work, others request a part-time role and still others choose not to return.

Alexandra Grayson

Being paid less than your co-workers? Here’s where to start.

Have evidence that you’re being paid less than your colleagues for the same work?

Alexandra Grayson

Yes, the gender pay gap is real and it exists in every single industry around Australia.

Emma Starkey

How far can an employee stray before they have to be reined in or face disciplinary action?

Kamal Farouque

So many employees don't know what they're signing up for

Many individuals never really read their Employment contract before they sign it - they should.

Kamal Farouque

Why having more women in senior management is a no-brainer

If you're still wondering what difference women in senior roles makes to a business, the evidence is clear.

Alexandra Grayson

Tougher penalties needed for employers who mistreat women

While the Fair Work Act entitles women to return to their pre-parental leave job, employers can often find a way around this obligation.

Emma Starkey
Workplace investigation

Poor workplace investigations can leave path of destruction

A poor workplace investigation can leave a path of destruction with a trail of bodies.

Giri Sivaraman

Intern plan is a pathway to poverty

We've already seen how easy it is for employers to take advantage of vulnerable workers with a series of high profile exposes.

Giri Sivaraman

Precarious work structures foster parasite economy that cut workers' pay

When workers are paid below minimum wages, they don't earn enough to contribute to tax revenue or spend money in the real economy.

Josh Bornstein

Workplace bullying whistleblowers shouldn't fear press hatchet jobs

The issue of workplace bullying touches many people in the community: the employees caught up in it, their families, friends and colleagues.

Josh Bornstein

Disabled workers win $100m fair pay case: a 2016 good news story

Despite the government’s extraordinary attempts to defeat it, intellectually disabled workers have won a claim for about $100m in unpaid wages.

Josh Bornstein

Wage fraud will continue until politicians stop it. They can – but will they?

The lobbying efforts of powerful business interests have held too much sway in our democracy. A comprehensive rewrite of workplace laws is required.

Josh Bornstein

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Our employment law division, headed by high-profile legal expert Josh Bornstein, is recognised nationally as Australia’s leading employment law practice by Doyle's Guide.

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Australia's Leading Employment Law Firm

(Employee & Union Representation), Doyle's Guide, 2021

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Our team has an outstanding record of achieving terrific outcomes for employees in both the private and public sector. We assist our clients with a combination of strategy, tenacity and compassion.

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