Vitamins class action

The case concerned an illegal global price fixing and market-rigging cartel.  It was alleged that multinational pharmaceutical companies BASF, Rhone-Poulenc/Aventis and Roche fixed the price of vitamins for animal nutrition and health during the 1990's.

The action

In 1999 Maurice Blackburn commenced a class action in the Federal Court against the 3 multinational companies, and their Asian and Australian subsidiaries.  Over the next 6 years the case was hotly contested and was the subject of many important rulings by the Court.


In October 2006 Justice Jessup of the Federal Court of Australia approved a landmark settlement which included $30.5M in compensation for affected business plus legal costs.

This is the first successfully concluded cartel class action in Australian legal history. Maurice Blackburn is proud to have helped businesses to recover monies lost to them through this instance of corporate misbehaviour.

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