Thanh Phu salmonella poisoning class action

Thanh Phu Pty Ltd sold salmonella contaminated food from its store in Nicholson Street Footscray in January 2003. More than 100 people who consumed the food suffered fever, headache and muscular ache, serious gastroenteritis, nausea and diarrhoea. Many people were hospitalised and one man died.

The action

In February 2003 Maurice Blackburn commenced a class action in the Supreme Court of Victoria on behalf of victims of salmonella poisoning from contaminated food. The action sought compensation for those affected.


The action was settled in August 2003 and victims were compensated by payment in full of their damages entitlements by February 2004.  This was an excellent result for victims and a good example of the efficient use of the class action procedure.

Supporting information