Old England Hotel class action

At least 54 people became ill after eating food contaminated by salmonella at the Old England Hotel between 23 December 2003 and 7 January 2004 according to Department of Human Services documents.  These documents were supplied to Maurice Blackburn by victims of the outbreak who instructed us to commence class action proceedings.

The action

On 14 July 2004, Maurice Blackburn issued a class action against the Old England Hotel in the Federal Court of Australia seeking damages for all people who had eaten at the Hotel between 23 December 2003 and 7 January 2004 and became ill as a result.

The Statement of Claim alleged that the Old England Hotel breached the Trade Practices Act by serving food which was defective, unfit for the purpose and unmerchantable, and sought compensation for persons who suffered injury as a result.


In early 2006 the Federal Court approved a Settlement Agreement which provided for the assessment of individual group member claims and for the payment of damages.

As a result of the class action over 35 victims of salmonella poisoning received compensation for their injuries.