CIMIC class action

Maurice Blackburn, Australia’s leading class action firm, commenced a class action against CIMIC Group (formerly known as Leighton Holdings) funded by Harbour Litigation Funding in November 2016. The claim related to allegations about corrupt payments made by a subsidiary of CIMIC in order to secure work in Iraq.

Case Developments

Settlement reached

In December 2019, the parties reached an agreement to settle the class action. 

On 28 April 2020, the Court approved the settlement.

Settlement Distribution

Maurice Blackburn was appointed the Administrator of the Settlement Distribution Scheme (Scheme).

During July and August 2020 payments were distributed to registered class members via the EFT details provided to Maurice Blackburn. All registered class members have been sent a Remittance Notice.

No further payments are to be made to class members under the Scheme.

If you are a registered class member and have any questions about the Scheme, or about your distribution, please contact Maurice Blackburn on 1800 982 043 or by email to

Who can participate in the settlement?

The class action was brought on behalf of people who acquired an interest in LEI shares in the period 23 November 2010 to 3 October 2013 and had suffered loss or damage by reason of the conduct of the respondent, as pleaded in the Further Amended Statement of Claim. The right to register to participate in the class action closed some time ago. If you are not already registered you cannot participate in the settlement.