Bonsoy class action

The Bonsoy class action is conducted by Maurice Blackburn in the Supreme Court of Victoria on behalf of all people around Australia who have suffered an injury from consuming Bonsoy soy milk.

Bonsoy Class Action Update

Court Approval

On 7 May 2015 the Supreme Court of Victoria approved the settlement of this class action and the Settlement Scheme in accordance with which the settlement will be distributed.

Read the Approved Settlement Scheme

What Happens Next

Now that the settlement and the Settlement Scheme have been approved, we are currently engaged in the process of preparing to assess the approximately 550 separate claims registered as part of this class action.

For a detailed overview of the settlement administration process and information about applicable legal principles please refer to the Bonsoy Information Booklet.

Read the Bonsoy Information Booklet

If you have any enquiries about the Bonsoy class action, please contact Maurice Blackburn:

(T) 1800 633 187