Bank fees class action

Maurice Blackburn issued proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against the ANZ Bank in September 2010 in the first of a series of bank fee class actions for repayment of fees they have charged their customers.

Following a lengthy series of court hearings and appeals, the High Court ultimately ruled in favour of the banks. Accordingly, the claims that were pursued in the class actions were, for the most part, dismissed.

There was, however, one aspect of the claims that survived, being a particular species of 'Periodical Payment Non-Payment Fee' that was charged by ANZ Bank to its customers during the period from 1 August 2003 to 23 February 2016.

Maurice Blackburn has continued to pursue claims against ANZ Bank in relation to those fees, and the parties have now agreed to an in-principle settlement of those claims (which is subject to the approval of the Federal Court).

Further details in relation to those claims, the proposed settlement of those claims, and how to register to participate in the proposed settlement (if you have not already done so) are set out in the following documents.

As stated in the notices to group members below, any enquiries in relation to this matter should be directed to IMF Bentham Ltd (whose contact details are set out in the notices below). Such enquiries should not be directed to Maurice Blackburn.