Statement from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers regarding floods class action

21 February 2020
At a hearing today in the Supreme Court of NSW, the first defendant in the floods class action, Seqwater, confirmed that it would be appealing the judgement handed down in November 2019 in favour of flood victims.

The second defendant, Sunwater, has advised no decision on appeal has been made. This follows the State Government, the third defendant, confirming late last year it would not appeal.

The following statement can be attributed to Rebecca Gilsenan, Principal Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers:

“We are deeply disappointed for our clients that Seqwater and its insurers have today confirmed they will appeal the floods class action decision, with Sunwater still yet to make a decision.

“This long-running saga must be brought to an end, our clients have waited long enough.

“It has now been more than nine years since the Queensland floods and our clients want an end to the injustice they have suffered.

“The State Government said that it was the insurers’ decision about whether to appeal. The State then called on the insurers for Seqwater and Sunwater not to appeal. Seqwater has confirmed it will appeal, while Sunwater is now entangled in new and separate litigation with insurers who want to deny coverage.

“These appeals and disputes mean that real justice is a long way off for our clients, who have won their case and deserve to be paid for what they lost when the dam operators flooded them.

“The only way to bring this to an end is for the State to step in with a whole-of-government approach.”



The lead plaintiff in the floods class action, Vince Rodriguez, will be available for media in Brisbane TODAY to respond to today’s hearing.

Who: Lead plaintiff in the floods class action Vince Rodriguez, whose business in Fairfield closed as a result of the 2011 floods.

What: Vince Rodriguez will be available to speak to media regarding today’s hearing.

Where: Robinson Park, Fairfield Road – Fairfield, Brisbane (opposite the Fairfield Gardens Shopping Complex)

When: 1pm Qld time TODAY, Friday 20 February 2020

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