AMP sexual harassment victim renews calls for release of all documents relating to her complaint

17 August 2020
The victim of AMP’s sexual harassment scandal today again called for the investment giant to release the full text of her complaint against senior executive, Boe Pahari and the findings document provided to her.

Ms Szlakowski is further calling for AMP to provide her with unrestricted access to the investigation report, along with all documents governing the investigation process, including the terms of reference of the investigation, any draft reports all communications between the investigator and the company, and information regarding any alleged counselling or action taken against Boe Pahari.

Julia Szlakowski said she wanted the documents released to her lawyer, Maurice Blackburn Principal Josh Bornstein. She has never been provided with a copy of the investigation report.

“It gives me some comfort to see that AMP has today acknowledged the seriousness of my complaint and is moving to try and address the culture of the company,” Ms Szlakowski said.

“That work however still has a long way to go, and that’s why I am continuing to call for AMP to release my complaint, the findings document and all other documents relating to the report’s commission.”

Ms Szlakowski, who is based in California, was not planning to comment about the matter because she values her privacy and had moved on with her life. However, after reading the various statements about these matters from AMP, she felt compelled to defend her reputation and set the record straight.

Ms Szlakowski was named Institutional Director, Unlisted, Americas and put in charge of North American distribution for AMP Capital’s infrastructure debt and equity strategies in December 2016.[1] Ms Szlakowski reported to Mr Pahari, who then held the role of Global Head and Managing Partner, Infrastructure Equity, North West Region. Notably, she was AMP Capital’s first US hire, for their lucrative unlisted business, as well as the only woman on the North American distribution team.

Just six months into her new position, however, Ms Szlakowski lodged a seven-page complaint with AMP, detailing a pattern of sexual harassment, which began in December 2016, and culminated in May 2017. The conduct Ms Szlakowski alleged did not constitute an isolated incident of poor judgment, nor simple “comments” that could be brushed aside as merely “uncomfortable”, as AMP and Mr Pahari had described in their public statement.

The sexual harassment perpetrated against Ms Szlakowski was serious, persistent and wide-ranging.

Maurice Blackburn Principal Josh Bornstein said AMP had persistently diminished Ms Szlakowski’s harassment and releasing the documents would show the company was finally committed to transparency and ensuring an equitable workplace.

“AMP has still not publicly acknowledged that Ms Szlakowski was sexually harassed, but rather hid behind a series of weasel words. There is no reason why AMP should not release the requested documents to us forthwith, particularly in light of today’s significant developments,” Mr Bornstein said.

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