Uber class action gathering pace throughout Queensland

8 February 2019
Taxi and limousine drivers, operators and licence owners will gather at Brothers Rugby, Crosby Park in Albion today, as part of a series of public meetings taking place across the country this week for those looking to start a class action against Uber for operating unlawfully.

Hundreds of registrants from Queensland have already signed up to the national class action, with more joining each day.

Class action experts Maurice Blackburn Lawyers who will run the case, are meeting with interested groups across the country this month to meet with those affected and answer their questions, as the case builds before being filed soon in the Victorian Supreme Court.

Senior Associate Lawyer on the case Elizabeth O’Shea says the claim will look to represent all taxi and limousine operators, licence owners and drivers that have had their livelihoods impacted by Uber’s illegal entry to the market in Australia.

“It was Uber that came in and exploited people by operating outside of regulations, it was Uber’s conduct that led to decimating losses suffered by our group members and for those reasons it is the multi-billion dollar company Uber and its associated entities that we are targeting in order to provide redress to those affected,” Ms O’Shea said.

“This class action will likely be one of the biggest in Australia on any measure – the number of people involved, the potential recovery of compensation for law-abiding operators and licence holders, and no doubt the extent of the fight we are anticipating from the defendants.

“We have a proud history of running the nation’s largest and toughest class actions and we believe that this is the best mechanism to pursue some meaningful form of justice and compensation for those who have had their lives turned upside down by Uber’s alleged illegal operation in Queensland.”

Ms O’Shea said there would be no out of pocket costs or liability risk for those joining the class action, with the case costs being underwritten by a third party litigation funder.

There will be three public meetings held in Queensland today, Friday 8th February. One at the CSi Club Southport at 1:30pm, and two meetings at Brothers Rugby, Crosby Park in Brisbane, at 9:30am and 7pm. 

Taxi and limousine drivers, operators and licence owners that wish to join the action are welcome to attend the meetings, and they can also register their interest for the action using a simple online portal at www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/uberclassaction .

 Media inquiries: Cameron Scott at Maurice Blackburn T 03)96052832 / 0400 876 466  E  cscott@mauriceblackburn.com.au