Urgent court proceedings filed tonight after Federal Govt refuses to agree to bring child on Nauru to Australia for medical treatment

13 April 2018
An urgent court application has been lodged with the Federal Court tonight after the Federal Government refused to agree to requests to remove a child from Nauru for medical treatment.

“This is a terrible case – this child needs medical attention immediately, which the Federal Government knows cannot be provided on Nauru,” Maurice Blackburn Head of Social Justice Jennifer Kanis said.

“The Department of Immigration have a medical report that clearly recommends an immediate transfer from Nauru, yet our client is still not receiving critical medical treatment.

“An urgent request was made today to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and the Department of Immigration to have our client, off Nauru immediately for treatment, but the Government have not agreed to this request.

“This leaves us with no option but to seek the intervention of the court, and tonight we have filed interlocutory proceedings in the Federal Court seeking orders to remove  our client from Nauru for medical treatment, with the matter now set to be heard by the court tomorrow morning.

“It is disgraceful that the Minister and the Department continue to show such a blatant disregard for the welfare and wellbeing of children in their care on Nauru who are in need of immediate treatment.

“This is now the third time in recent months that the intervention of the court has been sought to help protect children in securing access to medical treatment, because the Minister and the Department have again failed to act and to do the right thing by these children.

“Our priority is ensuring that this child and her family are brought to Australia for treatment as soon as possible, and we are thank the court for tonight agreeing to hear this case as a matter of urgency tomorrow,” she said.

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