Unacceptable hazing rituals have no place in Australian universities

26 February 2018
Horrific allegations of college campus hazing exposed today have again highlighted an urgent need for improved standards in governance and a change in attitudes towards dealing with harassment and inappropriate behaviour at Australian universities, according to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Maurice Blackburn Abuse Law Principal Michelle James said the serious allegations released today detailing abusive activities at residential colleges again showed that a lack of leadership and a failure to reflect contemporary standards remained a problem in too many institutions.

“Too often sickening hazing practices such as those described today are dressed up as ‘college traditions’, when it is evident to any reasonable person that such behaviour has absolutely no place in an institution like a residential university college,” Ms James said.

“Universities have been on notice for some time now that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable - such so-called ‘traditions’ have no place in colleges and action is needed to stamp out it out once and for all.

“Disappointingly however it seems that there is still more to be done in putting an end to the extent of this behaviour, and we support calls for greater oversight to address these concerns and to ensure that such behaviour is no longer tolerated in Australian universities,” she said.

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