Former Cricket Australia employee files court action over her dismissal for abortion rights tweets

30 August 2018
Lawyers acting for Tasmanian woman Angela Williamson have today filed legal action in the Federal Court over her dismissal from Cricket Australia.

The court documents allege that Ms Williamson was dismissed from her job at Cricket Australia for personal tweets in which she discussed access to abortion in Tasmania.

Ms Williamson’s lawyer, Kamal Farouque of Maurice Blackburn, said under the Fair Work Act, it is unlawful for an employer to dismiss an employee because of their political opinion.

“Angela Williamson spoke out about abortion rights because she believes strongly in the reproductive health rights of Tasmanian women,” Mr Farouque said.

“Australian workplace laws clearly prohibit employers from discriminating against an employee because of their political opinion.

“Our claim alleges that Cricket Australia’s dismissal of Angela Williamson for tweeting her political opinion is an adverse action that is in breach of the Fair Work Act.”

As part of the claim, Ms Williamson will be seeking compensation for loss of income, damage to reputation, and distress.

Media can request access to the court documents by contacting the Federal Court of Australia.

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