Federal Government agrees to bring child to Australia after urgent court action sought

14 April 2018
The Federal Government has agreed to transfer a child to Australia from Nauru, after an urgent court application was filed by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers overnight.

The matter was due to be heard by the court this morning, but just before the hearing the Federal Government agreed to the law firm’s urgent requests to bring the child to Australia to commence medical treatment.

Maurice Blackburn Head of Social Justice, Jennifer Kanis, said it was a relief that the Federal Government had at last acted to do the right thing by ensuring that medical treatment would now be provided.

“We are greatly relieved that the Federal Government has finally accepted that this is a desperate situation where urgent medical treatment is needed for the welfare and wellbeing of this child,” Ms Kanis said.

“It should never have again taken seeking the intervention of the court for the Federal Government to finally agree do the right and decent thing by this child in their care.

“The Federal Government’s continuing treatment of children in detention will remain one of the dark and shameful chapters of our history. These children deserve much better, particularly with respect to providing critical medical and other health services.

“The Federal Government has today told the court that our client will be transferred to Australia as soon as possible and we welcome this development in ensuring this child will now be able to access the medical treatment that is desperately needed,” she said.

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