Angela Williamson case to be referred to Federal Court

17 August 2018
The case of Tasmanian woman Angela Williamson against her former employer Cricket Australia has not resolved after a Fair Work Commission conciliation this morning.

Ms Williamson’s lawyer, Kamal Farouque of Maurice Blackburn, said the matter would now be referred to the Federal Court for a hearing.

“Angela Williamson spoke out about women’s access to abortion in Tasmania, and she lost her job. That should never have happened,” Mr Farouque said.

“We will now continue the case in the Federal Court to determine that she should not have lost her job for expressing a political opinion.

"We note that Cricket Australia made a statement early this morning, a few hours prior to the conciliation, disclosing that it had offered Ms Williamson an alternative job.

“This offer was made two weeks ago, directly to Ms Williamson by Cricket Australia.

“Ms Williamson considered the offer and rejected it as it was not the same position as she had been dismissed from.”

Angela Williamson said:

“I spoke my mind on a political issue because I believe strongly in the reproductive health rights of Tasmanian women.

“I am disappointed the case didn’t resolve today, but I am prepared to continue my fight in the Federal Court.”

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