Maurice Blackburn responds to allegations before Floods Commission

8 February 2012
Maurice Blackburn principal Damian Scattini wrote to lawyers for SEQWater, Allens Arthur Robinson, today, requesting an apology after unfounded allegations were made today at the Commission of Inquiry

Lawyers for SEQWater alleged a representative of Maurice Blackburn had said he was from the Flood Commission of Inquiry. Allens Arthur Robinson has now written to Maurice Blackburn retracting this allegation.

"A recording of the meeting shows that allegation to be completely false," said Mr Scattini.

"The firm employed private investigator Bob Munt to interview Mr Agg (Anthony) Dagan at the Somerset Dam. We believe that Mr Dagan is a crucial witness who had not previously been spoken to.  At no time did Mr Munt state that he was a representative of the Floods Commission of Inquiry. Mr Munt plainly stated that he was a representative of Maurice Blackburn which is acting for flood victims at the Commission of Inquiry.

"The firm has provided a recording of the meeting to the Commission of Inquiry and to SEQWater's lawyers," said Mr Scattini. 

"This is a distraction from the main inquiry which should be allowed to focus on getting to the truth."

Maurice Blackburn together with IMF litigation funders are investigating a class action on behalf of flood victims and is representing the interests of the Fernvale and Surrounding Communities Action Group at the Floods Commission.

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