Kilmore East bushfire trial must begin on time

13 August 2012
Statement from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers in response to comments made by Justice Jack Forrest today.

Attributable to Rory Walsh, Senior Associate with the firm, working on the Kilmore East Black Saturday bushfire class action.

"This will be one of the most significant class action trials in recent history, and it's vital those affected by the fires get their day in court.

"They've already waited a long time and they're still waiting for someone to be made accountable for that day's events, and for justice to be served. They shouldn't have to wait any longer.

"The State Government has known this trial was coming for some time now, and it's known there were capacity issues. This needs to be sorted as an urgent priority for the people that have been awaiting this trial.

"I'm sure the Government has heard Justice Forrest loud and clear today and I'd urge them to move swiftly to act upon those concerns, they are concerns that we share.

"We are fully prepared and ready to go, so I would hope the Government does what it can to enable justice being delivered for the people affected by the Kilmore East Black Saturday bushfire."